Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Chinese Buddhist Encyclopedia Needs Contributors, Editors, Volunteers

From Marju Broder:

The Chinese Buddhist Encyclopedia is a project with a very far reaching vision which needs energy, resources and time to develop. The key function of CBE is the combination of IT& computers, digitized Buddhist materials and software and providing everyone with access to Internet the opportunity to use those applications and materials. The author and main organizer of Chinese Buddhist Encyclopedia is Vello Vaartnou. The CBE project was officially started in December, 2012, when Vaartnou presented the idea of the CBE at the ECAI conference in University of California, Berkeley.

We are looking for volunteer editors for the Chinese Buddhist Encyclopedia project. CBE needs a lot of data research and editing. Usually every editor has their own Buddhism related topic(s) (English and Chinese speakers) on which he/she would gather as much material as possible.

We welcome everyone who could contribute their valuable time by editing and adding materials from different sources all over the internet.

There is much work to do so anyone who would like to give their contribution for the Chinese Buddhist Encyclopedia project are most WELCOME to do so.

Please visit Chinese Buddhist Encyclopedia for more information.