Sunday, October 04, 2009

A Nod to Jesse

Jesse Glass, publisher, of Ahadada Books. We met him at AWP Chicago, 2009. He flew in from Japan to attend the conference and staff the publisher's table at the book fair. I've never met anyone suffering from jet lag who was as energetic and humorous as this guy, and wholly passionate about books, publishing, meeting writers, and talking reading. His energies are as boundless as his compassion for words and people alike. He also runs a mean blog and is himself a damn fine poet. You can read his work and see/hear him read on the site.

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Jesse Glass said...

A "doctor" has just died on a Japanese soap opera that my kids are watching. My wife is reading the tiny screen of her handi-phone and typing at top speed a reply to a message with the thumb of her left hand. I'm thinking about the typhoon that will roll in this Thursday. I will most probably ride through it on my bicycle on the way to work. It's my day off. This morning I helped a neighbor put the finishing touches on his flea circus. We invented an underwater escape act for fleas that involves Alka-Seltzer and plenty of slick patter. All in a day's work. Soon I'll stagger off on the far side of the double nickels of life to see how much damage I can inflict on the English language. I look forward to aiming my steely gaze in your direction at AWP, 2010. Love you guys, Jess