Thursday, September 24, 2009

Free Poetry Books

As a teacher in a rural college, I am faced with students whose daily financial struggles affect their ability to attend and be fully prepared for classes. Even more so now, living in a state with the highest unemployment, I have students who cannot afford to buy textbooks, or who will miss class because they can't afford the gas it will take to get back and forth to campus.

I have been using online lit for a long time - online lit mags as well as print publications with online supplements. But I am always appreciative to find publishers who offer completely free online books. I have posted on "free books" before, and was reminded of the public library as a resource, but in this case, I'm talking about being able to access 15-25 copies of a book - for free. I certainly don't expect all publishers to offer this - those who do have their own philosophies of open access.

What it allows me to do is put collections of poetry into the hands of students who otherwise might never "own" such a book. And, oddly enough, I've found students treat these books with a greater respect - even if they don't "like" them - than when I was having them purchase such books. I've never found a copy of a free book in the trash, whereas I have the ones they've paid for - go figure.

Here are several sources I have found for qaulity, free books and some of their authors - and what I mean are those that can be accessed and printed in book form (PDF or like platform), not formatted for web reading only. Something students/readers can print and carry with them.

Certainly, if you know of other such sources, please let me know.

Beard of Bees
Constantin Acosmei, Gregory Fraser, Jacques Roubaud, Rae Armantrout, H. Patrick Glumm, Morten Søndergaard, Jeff Bacon, Gnoetry, Mark Salerno, Marie Buck, Giles Goodland, Eleni Sikelianos, Jennifer Calkins, Camille Guthrie, Sean Singer, Joel Chace, Paul Hoover, Carole Stone, Olivia Cronk, Brian Howe, Lynn Strongin, John Crouse, Peter Hughes, Gene Tanta, Catherine Daly, David Huntsperger, Keith Waldrop, James Davies, Jim Leftwich, Rosmarie Waldrop, Mark DeCarteret, Brian Lucas, Josh Wallaert, Eric Elshtain, Barbara Maloutas, JoAnn Welch, Amy England, Anne H. Murdeus, Theodore Worozbyt, Theodore Enslin, Francis Raven, Daniel Zimmerman, Antonio Facchino, Matthias Regan, Harriet Zinnes, Thomas Fink, Eléna Rivera.

Wilde Reading Room
Ed Taylor, Amy King, Shane Allison, Lawerance Upton, Sheila E. Murphy, Jeff Harrison, Joel Chace, Geoffrey Gatza, Raymond Federman, Dale Smith, Scott Pierce, William Keckler, Scott Malby, Patrick Chapman, John J. Trause, Gautam Verma, Michael Gessner, Davis Schneiderman, Benjamin Buchholz, Adam Fieled, Jennifer K. Dick, Christina Wos Donnelly, Jeffrey Side, Thierry Brunet, Francis Raven, Kristina Marie Darling, Joe Milford, Jill Darling, Juliet Cook, Mark Cunningham, Ted Pelton, Sean Kilpatrick, Gian Lombardo, Phil Cordelli, Jeanpaul Ferro, Jennifer Wolfe, Christopher Rizzo, David Brennan, Felino Soriano, Andrew Demcak, Beth Balousek, Alan Ramon Clinton, Adrian Kien, Adam Strauss

Moria Poetry Journal
Moira e-books
Jordan Stempleman, Donna Kuhn, Eileen R. Tabios, William Allegrezza, Garin Cycholl, Anny Ballardini, Lars Palm, Mark Young, Francis Raven, Thomas Fink, Clayton Couch, Amy Trussell, Raymond Bianchi, Catherine Daly, Charles Freeland, Charles Perrone, Christophe Casamassima

Oragami Condom
Chapbook Series
Lynn Strongin, Alan Catlin, Alex Stolisanca Vlasopolos, David Chorlton, David B. McCoy, Dennis Mahagin, Gary Beck, Joseph Goosey, Joseph Lisowski, Kelley J. White, Lynn Lifshin, Maurice Oliver, E. Michael Desilets, Taylor Gorman

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Denise said...

I have been receiving comments to this blog (for those of you "watching") and rather than lose the replies with resources in a comment, I plan to create a follow-up post of publishers who offer online, book-formatted free books. I'll even look into creating a new page on the site for this as a resource - there's a lot more than I had been aware of! Thank you all.