Saturday, March 07, 2009

Love Your Writing, Hate Your Beliefs

Revered author still hated for his Nazi stand
New Zeland Herald
Saturday Feb 28, 2009

Hamsun was celebrated and loved by Norwegian readers until the war. Some 15 years ago, sculptor Skule Waksvik started work on a statue of 1920 Nobel Literature Prize winner Knut Hamsun, a Norwegian admired by his countrymen for his writing - and despised for supporting the Nazis during World War II...[read the rest]

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michaeljamesmartin said...

Uhh... how possible is it to love a writer's work but hate the writer him/herself?

I guess it depends on what that writer writes about? Or how good that writer is? Like if a writer was a racist but never allowed that to bleed into the work -- what does this say?

They're a good writer, or an unathentic writer? Not talking about the whole "Write what you know" spiel, more so aren't writers supposed to be portals -- aren't the works supposed to be a reflection of their many selves through the viewfinder of their "true" self?

Ya know?

I dunno. Except for poetry where you can generally read into the universes between the words however you want, I'm not sure if I've ever had this conundrum.

Prolly why I'm having a hard time 'getting it'.

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