Thursday, January 08, 2009

To Dumb Down or Not to Dumb Down

A Writer And Reader On Why Book Publishers Fail
Lawrence Osborne
December 12, 2008

The commentary begins: "They dumb everything down."

And further, this:

"Here, then, is my memo to publishers. Why are you not venturing out to connect with the vast market of recent college graduates who are thirsting for serious writing and who have been grappling with difficult and often sterile texts for years and want something different?

"My son and his friends, who are in their early twenties, read Houllebecq and BolaƱo and Sebald and Coetzee without any problem at all. Those writers speak easily to their anxieties and concerns. And yet none of these writers would have found American publishers if they hadn't first succeeded in their countries of origin.

"We the readers, the people, are not dumbed down media serfs obsessed with celebrities, dosh and movie rights. You are."

Read the full commentary here.

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Sun Singer said...

I suspect publishers are often publishing for Wal-Mart.