Friday, January 16, 2009

Literature Bailout?

Wall Street bailout, car industry bailout, porn bailout - ? Government support for analog to digital media (aka TV) conversion? Wait a minute - where the heck was the bailout for literary publications when we've been bemoaning for years the steady decline in reading in this nation, and then the recent postal rate hikes that hammered the smaller subscription publications, and how about the ongoing independent bookstore closings (and now chain bookstore closings), and layoffs in the publishing business, and...and...?


Fred Bubbers said...

And just like giving money to the banks hasn't done much for homeowners facing foreclosure, the literature bailout should go directly where it will do the most good. Why give it to publishers and bookstores? They'll only produce and stock more celebrity diet books and cat calendars. I think it should go directly to writers.

looceefir said...

I just attended an unconference in London called Bookcamp which, though it didn't explicitly address this topic (I wish I'd seen this post before Saturday, though!) covered some issues relevant to this - there was no such thing as a general conclusion to the day, but there's optimism that greater use of the internet to join up communities will help reading survive, and thrive!