Friday, January 09, 2009

In Memoriam :: Inger Christensen

"The Danish poet Inger Christensen died last Friday. [January 2] She was a language-oriented poet with a humanist, lyricist streak - the same streak that continues to set most language-oriented poets in Scandinavia apart from their counterparts on the American continent, or even more south in Europe (think Mette Moestrup vs. Christian Bök - Ulf Karl Olov Nilsson vs. Oulipo). Her Alfabet was not only a play on the alphabet through the Fibonacci sequence, but also a raging against nuclear armament and a passionate song for life, as well as containing lyrical beauty. It feels all encompassing. Maybe she was everybody’s poet." From The New Literati blog.

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PEN Atlas said...

I saw this on Complete Review -- thanks for posting an English language obit. I've been working on It since I discovered it last year. Hard and brilliant as a diamond -- and witty as well. So sad to lose a great writer just as you are discovering her... and as she was on the brink of English-language success.