Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Un-awarding Literature?

We’re Not Worthy
By David Kelly
NYT PaperCuts
November 24, 2008

I stole an idea from Rolling Stone a couple of months ago, so now I’ll swipe one from Entertainment Weekly. That magazine is conducting a survey called “Recall the Gold,” in which voters pick some of the most undeserving Academy Award winners. Kevin Costner, be prepared to cough up your Oscar. You, too, Roberto Benigni.

Which literary-award winners have been the most undeserving? Good luck ripping the Pulitzer away from Margaret Mitchell or Herman Wouk. When it comes to Nobel laureates, of course, the list is almost endless...[read the rest here]

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Jim Cooney said...

As the Nobel Lit Prizes dawned this past year, reviving the usual controversy surrounding the typically undeserving winners, one example of a literary "champion" who has been inexplicably overlooked by the Nobel committee was cited over, and over and over again. Philip Roth.

Is there anyone else out there in this whole wide world who thinks Philip Roth is verbose and not much else? Also, that if you stripped away his asides, and his asides from his asides, and so on, his tours-de-force would be ten pages long?

I'd like to recall his Pulitzer. Who's with me?

- Ink and Beans

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