Thursday, November 13, 2008

New Lit on the Block :: Chaotique

Issue number one of Chaotique published by Dreyer Press promises on the cover to be "Highly Subversive -- Not For Children." If that doesn't get you to pick it up, then I'm not sure what will! Once you do, though, you're in for a treat. Printed in numbered, limited editions, Chaotique is printed on recycled paper with vegetable based ink and utilizes a full-bleed format on many of its pages. Comics, fiction and essay (and combinations thereof) are the focus of this publication. The first issue features work by Nick Dreyer, Chris Dreyer, Eric Cunningham, Peter Linnemann, Brandon Lukacksko, Matt Bailey, and John Calvin Errickson.


Romero Burruel said...

This is a well made book all around. One to watch out for! I find myself picking it up at random intervals and every time i am impressed by it's qualities. this is a mag that may have a future a new generation of outsider voices. rare indeed!

Stillwalkn said...

I will be happy to read it and will look for it in local stores. I noticed that all the contributors are men. What's up with that?

Dreyer Press said...

Re: Stillwalkn,
No women submitted anything for the first issue. Several are line up for number two though, due out this summer.