Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mad Men Screensavers

Mad Men fans, get your retro screensavers from Dyna Moe (real name?), a designer and illustrator living in New York. You can check out her full line of work, blood, sweat and tears on her website: Nobody's Sweetheart.

I did start watching Mad Men this season, catching up on all of last season's shows in a week. I'm not sure I'm going to stick with it, though. It's a fairly dark show, in a very sad and miserable way. As much as I like the advertising angle, some of the characters, and all that is retro about the show, there is such a pervasive hopelessness about the storyline that holds no appeal for me. I'm not looking for Disney here, but maybe something in between.


nanette rayman rivera said...

How come no one wants the truth about life anymore. I guess you don't like historical movies either. They're pretty dark. Or memoirs. Or dark poetry.

Do you watch Monk?

Denise said...

No one? That's sweeping. And you're assumptions about my other personal choices are also incorrect. Certainly, not all in the historical and memoir genres are dark. That seems sweeping as well.

There's much I have a great appreciation for, and sometimes dark makes its way in there. The Sweet Hereafter, in fact, is a wonderful story and mostly well-done movie.

I suppose, in living life, there is only so much of one thing a person wants and so seeks other experiences. Maybe in constantly living the truth about life, I just have enough dark for now.