Sunday, August 17, 2008


Wordle - The Word Cloud Generator
You can put in your own words and create a wordle - click the randomize button and it will recreate it with a new design and color scheme. Read the FAQ on how you can "control" some of the features - for example, using a word more than once will determine its size. There's a gallery of unique wordles on the site as well. Below is a wordle I created by pasting in the NewPages blog url - the wordle grabbed all the words itself. The second one I created by copying and pasting the mission and values statement of the college where I teach. Funcoolstuff. I can see I'll be using this with students this year!

Thanks to Gerry Canavan for posting this!


William Walsh said...

My nine-year-old daughter used this just last week in her summer program. Lots of fun.

Anonymous said...

This came just in time for school to start - I have shared it with all of my middle school colleagues - it has so many applications! Thanks.