Thursday, April 10, 2008

Free Books Anyone?

17 Ways to Get Free Books
From the Frugal Panda Blog

"You can never have too many books, so we are delighted to share with you some ways to get them for free. From children’s books to technical books, there are numerous resources that offer literature for free. Some of the following sites offer actual printed books, while others feature electronic books (aka 'ebooks')."

A great list with descriptions of each resource. Thank FP!


K.G. Schneider said...

you can "get" more books than you will ever be able to read by supporting and using your local public library and its ability to request books from around the world.

Denise said...

Libraries make my world go round! Though, in the current economic climate, we suffered at the hands of the majority when our library's mileage was voted down, and our community library closed for a year. Never underestimate the importance of a single vote when the lives of libraries are on the line! This last year, the library was reinstated with a 51% to 49% vote. I was angry it was so close, but sometimes a win is a win to be enjoyed. Even still, my favorite online source for audio books has been (previously blogged), because it is a small comfort to be able to download and listen to Pride and Prejudice at 3am when I can't sleep.

K.G. Schneider said...

It's all good... hope I didn't come off too grumpy. It's just sad that someone could create a long list of "free" ways to get books and not list a public library. Or that a library should ever have to close.