Saturday, March 08, 2008

Submissions Have Left the Blog

Due to popular request (and a few obnoxious demands and one really pathetic whine),I have moved calls for submission off the blog and created a submissions page on the NewPages site: Calls for Submission.

I will update this reguarly and remove expired calls, and will post on the blog when I have updated this page.

If you have calls for submission you would like to see listed, drop me a line with a link:


Eden said...


Just thought this was a good opportunity to thank you for providing this resource. :)

KrisUnderwood said...

Is it possible to actually subscribe to the submissions page in a reader?

Love this blog-have been reading it (and the NewPages site) for awhile and I always find something of use here.


Denise said...

Thanks for the feedback! Great to know there's someone out there!

At this time, we don't have a feed directly from the web site. That's why we were using blogger, but it is a *terribly* cumbersome mechanism for something as high maintenance as submissions has become. I will continue to post a note on the blog to let you know that I've updated the submissions on the site, so you'll get that notice through your feed, still.

It will be better on the site because 1) I do about 8 hours of research to find all the subs, create separate posts for them, then post them a bit at a time. Now, I can just slog the whole lot of them on the page, and you'll get ALL of them right away. No waiting. 2) You can search them more easily by type, genre, deadline, publication name, etc. And 3) I can delete expired calls. On blogger, deleting is sometimes a three-step process with a lag time between each - for one post! It's really annoying.

All three of these were reasons we decided - and based upon user feedback asking for these features - to move it "on site."

I'll keep lots of other posts going on the blog, so I hope you'll still visit there. I'm just moving some bits onto the site to manage them better.

(I'm also planning on learning Dreamweaver - so if anyone out there knows if you can do reader feeds off Dreamweaver, I'd like to know!)