Saturday, March 08, 2008

Poem :: M. C. Allan

The Neighbors
by M.C. Allan

They are moving out today,
the couple down the hall,
who kept us up with their screaming.
She is a flirt; he a tyrant;
we know; we have overheard.
And when they forgave each other
they kept us awake
with their forgiveness: never
has the giving over of anger
been done so loudly, with such
banging of walls [. . .]

Read the rest on Delaware Poetry Review.


Savant's sallies said...

great to read quality poem here.


Denise said...

Thank you Randeep. I stopped by your blog - you have some very interesting commentaries on Indian arts and culture.

Savant's sallies said...

Many thanks Denise for visiting my blog.

M. C. Allan said...

Hey, thanks for featuring my poem! Have long liked your site, so it was a very nice moment!