Saturday, January 19, 2008

One Short of Two by Jody Brooks on SUB-LIT

complete conversations with my father:
unprovoked and about which i am still confused
by jody brooks
Published in SUB-LIT, Volume 1 Number 3

Dad: “You remember Uncle Snooze?”
Me: “No.”
Dad: “He lived over where I shot that deer in the ass. Had a great swimming pool.”

D: “You ever hear of Goat Man?”
M: “Not that I recall.”
D: “He used to live up in that cove. They called him Goat Man because he came down from the mountains once a month with his cart and his goats. I never knew what he was selling, but people always had to go see him about something.”

D: “You ever meet Bang Bang LaFarr? Guy that sold chicken diapers?”
M: “I don’t understand any part of that question.”
D: [read the rest]


Michael said...

Chicken diapers! How do you cut the short off halfway through the chicken diapers!?! I boo the NewsPages Blog. Boo.

Denise said...

Michael, we're crushed by your criticism. Casey, the publisher, has suggested I stop blogging to spare me the crushed ego and low self-esteem brought upon by comments such as yours. I would go drink away my sorrows, but, alas, the beer fund has run dry (see link upper corner - you can make this right, Michael).