Wednesday, May 30, 2007

New Lit on the Block

Memoir (and)
Autobiography, Peotry, Essay, Graphics, Lies and More...
"Memoir (and) is a nonprofit literary journal born with these ideas in mind. Our mission is to publish traditional as well as non-traditional forms of nonfiction allied with memoir. This includes, but is not limited to, autobiography, diary, personal and critical essay, memoir, reportage, autobiographical fiction, alternative histories, journalistic accounts, 'flash memoir,' narrative poetry or 'poemoir' (it’s okay to groan, we did) and graphic memoir. No submission is too unusual—postmodern, modern or hypermodern—for us to consider. We look forward to the ways you will surprise, delight and perhaps shock us."

A Journal of the Arts from Six Bad Apples Press
"Symmetry with error. A pattern you would think is incomplete but is not."
Publishing literature and art three times a year online and in print.
CALL FOR SUBMISSION - open May 1 - June 30.

Call for Submissions: No Record Press Short Story Anthology

Once a year, No Record publishes an anthology of short literary fiction by previously-unpublished writers. Last year's anthology included 14 stories, which ranged between 500 and 11,000 words, and included work from a former Yale divinity professor, a 15 year-old high school student, an actor from Milwaukee, a congressional staff member, and a professional guitarist.

No Record Press is currently taking submissions for next year's anthology, which they hope to publish in early 2008.

More info here: No Records Press Short Story Anthology Guidelines.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Writing Programs - a new guide in

When we were in Atlanta at the AWP conference, we asked writers, teachers and students what we might add to NewPages that would be helpful. Many times we heard: "Add a list of writing programs."

So we did.

The NewPages Guide to Writing Programs has just been posted, and we have a lot of work yet to do on it. Right now it is basically links to MFA/Creative Writing programs and English departments organized by state.

We will be adding descriptive content to the various programs in the upcoming weeks. Hope to have it in pretty good shape by fall. You can help:

What information would be most useful to you in this new guide? What might save you a bit (or a lot) of time in your research?

We certainly can't include everything you'd find by going directly to the writing program's website (and that is not our goal), but we want to provide the critical info that would help you best identify whether you want to go to a program's website.

So, please: send us an email to

Monday, May 21, 2007

Bill Moyers: Call to Action

Stamp Out the Rate Hike: Stop the Post OfficeThe May 18, 2007 blog entry from Bill Moyers is a call to action to help small press publications. Large publishing firms (Time Warner at the forefront) have lobbied for substantial media mail postal rate increases with built-in discounts for those who send large amounts of mail. Small press publications would not receive these discounts.

In our work with NewPages, we are already hearing from literary magazines who fear they will need to cease publication if the rates go into effect because they simply cannot afford a 25-30% postal increase on their already tight budgets.

There is the link on Bill Moyers's blog to the Free Press, where you can read more about this issue and how to take action - a sample letter to send to those making this decision is included.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

New Lit Mag: Yellow Medicine Review

Yellow Medicine Review: A Journal of Indigenous Literature, Art, and Thought

"The title Yellow Medicine Review is significant in that it incorporates the name of a river in Southwest Minnesota. The Dakota dug the yellow root of the moonseed plant for medicinal purposes, for healing. Such is the spirit of Yellow Medicine Review.

"At this time, we encourage submissions from indigenous perspectives in the area of fiction, poetry, scholarly essays, and art. We define indigenous universally as representative of all pre-colonial peoples."