Monday, May 01, 2006


Ferlinghetti's beat definitely goes on. Legendary poet still draws crowd. By David Abel, One of the last legends of the Beat Generation, Lawrence Ferlinghetti left his enclave in North Beach, San Francisco, last week to accept the New England Poetry Club's Golden Rose, which club officials say is the nation's oldest literary prize.


Diane said...

Nothing to do with this post, but to reference your May 1 post on the old blog...I think you will find Blogger a very good tool. I have used others, but I like Blogger better. A lot of the old bugs have been fixed, and a lot of the complaining had more to do with Blogger users' inability to think than it did with Blogger.

NewPages said...

I like the image of "fixing an old bug."

And, my my: "users' inability to think" seems a tad harsh. We're trying to get my mom to use Blogger, but it seems too daunting for her. And she generally does know how to think! Maybe those of us cranking away at computer screens all these years can't remember just how confusing it still all can seem.

And as the first commentee, you win the prize... no wait. We have no prize. But if there would have been one, you would have won it.